Thursday, January 23, 2020



1) Double the minimum wage!  Full medical and pension benefits for all who work!  Everyone who wants to work should have the right to a job!

2) Defend unions!  Defend picket lines!  Picket lines mean DON’T CROSS!  Defend the picket lines against scabs and other scum by any means necessary!

3) Bring all American troops home at once!  No more money for the war budget – not one dime!  Spend the money in the war budget on social programs instead to improve the lives of Americans!  No more wars!  No more invasions!  Put the American President on trial as a war criminal!  Treat veterans with respect!  For fair treatment, full compensation and benefits, and quality medical care for all veterans injured in America’s wars!  For the unity of rank-and-file soldiers and workers against the war-mongering politicians, generals, and war-profiteers.

4) For an immediate halt to all evictions and foreclosures!  Housing must be a right for all!

5) End the war on drugs!  Legalize all drugs!  Free everybody who is in prison on drug charges!

6) Support immigrant rights!  For full democratic rights for all immigrants!  The only Americans who are not “illegal immigrants” are the Native Americans!

7) Full equality for women!  Fight for equal pay for equal work!  Fight for free abortion on demand!  Quality free child care for all working women!  Support the Second Amendment so that women can protect themselves from violence!  No to feminism – feminism betrayed the struggle for women’s liberation when they jumped in bed with the moral majority and became puritans.

8) Treat gays and lesbians with respect!  For full equality for gays and lesbians! For full democratic rights for all gays and lesbians – including the right to marry!  Gays should have the right to defend themselves with the Second Amendment against violent homophobic thugs! 

9) No to segregation!  Fight for racial equality!  Blacks must have full access to equal education and opportunities as whites.  SMASH this racist capitalist system – which was founded by slave owners and slave traders.

10) Break with black nationalism!  The black nationalists murdered Malcolm X. Today’s black nationalists sell the black people out to the Democratic Party – which is just as racist as the Republicans!

11) Smash the KKK and the neo-Nazis with mass mobilizations of workers, students, blacks, Jews, progressive whites, etc. whenever the KKK and the neo-Nazis try to march! Defend interracial couples from violent white supremacists and black nationalists!  Everyone must have the right to date whomever they choose!

12) Defend the Second Amendment!  All Americans should have the right to defend themselves!

13) For a living stipend for all students, writers, musicians, and artists!   Defend the right of artists and writers to fully express themselves in their work!

14) Free quality medical care for all Americans!

15) For free quality higher education!  Eliminate tuition!  Make all higher education free!  Cancel all student debt immediately!

16) For billions of dollars for AIDS research until a cure is found!

17) Break with the Democrats!  The Democratic Party is no different than the Republicans.  The Democrats are warmongers just like the Republicans!  The Democrats in Congress voted for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Democrats escalated the war in Vietnam, and dropped the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The Democrats are attacking our democratic rights just like the Republicans! The Democrats in Congress voted for the Patriot Act.   The Democrats attack unions – just like the Republicans.  The Democrats are not the friends of black people!  The Democrats opposed the Emancipation Proclamation, the Democrats supported the Counterpro program in the 1960s that murdered black activists, and in 1985 Wilson Goode (a black Democratic mayor) murdered a dozen black activists and their children in cold blood! 

18) Build a third party – a workers party – a party that will fight for all workers whether they are white or black, male or female, gay or straight, native-born or immigrant.

19) Freedom of speech for all!  No to censorship – whether it’s by politicians, the police apparatus, religious extremists, conservatives, or P.C. feminists/liberals!

20) Strike down the Patriot Act!  Full democratic rights for all!

21) Support the struggle of workers!  For the unity of artists, writers, and students with the struggles of the working class!  For the unity of white and black workers, male and female workers, gay and straight workers, native-born and immigrant workers – all workers must unite and fight together for better wages, better medical and pension benefits, and a better tomorrow!

And if a capitalist government cannot satisfy these just and reasonable demands, then let's replace capitalism with socialism!

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